About me

Was born in Budapest, Hungary and after a short detour to London (4 years living there) ended up settling in Szolnok, Hungray where I currently live with my wife a cat.

Got my Bachelor’s degree in computer science and at my first job was working around Business Intelligence tools (SAP Business Objects and Tibco Spotfire) and databases (MSSQL and Oracle). While living in London I primarily was working with Spotfire even more where I was part of a team managing a bank-wide shared reporting services – the reason why I particularly enjoyed this project is because half of my time I was managing the servers (Windows Server, IIS, Geneos monitoring, CA AutoSys automation, Oracle metadatabase) and in the other half I was working with the business and translating their requirements into Spotfire frontend reports.

Since moving back to Hungary in 2017 I’m working with Starschema a hungarian consultancy company where I’m allocated onto various client-facing projects as a backend engineer.

Clients I’ve worked with so far includes:

  • Procter & Gamble
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • General Electric

Want to get in touch? Mail me at norbert at ledenyi dot com.